Meet Louise Simmons

louise1I became fascinated by the body/mind/breath connection through the dramatic arts and running theatre games workshops and this took me deeper into the ‘stories’ our bodies tell us.  I have been practising yoga since the 80’s and began teaching in 1991.  Coming across the work of Vanda Scaravelli (“Awakening the Spine”) transformed my practice and I have been working closely with my mentor, Diane Long, primary student of Vanda Scaravelli and author of “Notes on Yoga”, for several decades.   We have recently begun to co-teach.   I teach individuals and groups of all ages, experience and physical abilities.  I offer workshops and retreats in the UK, Europe and internationally, and online.

Yoga is perhaps the oldest system of holistic personal development in the world.  It can free us from the rigidity of ingrained and often unrealised habits and unleash our potential to be vibrant, beautiful beings, at greater ease with our forever changing environments.

“Scaravelli-inspired” yoga is suitable for every body—any age, fitness level, experience. It works deeply with gravity, breath and awareness to ‘re-awaken’ the potential of our spine to bring a new freedom and fluid strength to the body.  In time, our bodies reveal a whole new language of movement—born from the spine and expressing itself in beauty and a ‘whole-body’ approach which releases blocks and allows us to truly ‘be’ in the moment. louiseSwimAsana and Pranayama are no longer fixed techniques that we impose on our bodies, but vital and surprising expressions of a deeper understanding of the body/breath/mind union. All can benefit—to ease discomforts from ailments, to increase well being and vitality, or to deepen existing practices. When I am with you, this is a hands-on session in which I work intuitively and lovingly to assist and guide your body in discovering the delightful benefits of working ‘from the inside out’.